The Upper School

At SJL, the Upper School contains grades 6th through 8th and is located in the main hallway closest to the gymnasium.

Students in the Upper School, grade 6-7-8, are in the main hallway in six community homerooms.  Community homerooms are composed of students from each grade level.  This enables our students to get to know each other and work cooperatively on the many service projects that the Upper School leads.   As with the Lower and Intermediate schools, we continue to individualize instruction with the use of grouping by skill level.  These groups are fluid and students may move back and forth as needed. Students also have Study Table time for any additional help they may need and Plan 5 opportunities which includes financial literacy, resume writing, job applications practice, scholarship essays writing, study skills and test prep as well as career and college study.  In addition to the regular academic subjects, our arts program is outstanding and includes African drums, guitar, piano, band, choir, general music, art, crafts, dance, drama, and sewing.