Intermediate School



The Intermediate School

At SJL, the Intermediate School contains grades 3rd through 5th and is located in the building's "West Wing".


Students in the Intermediate School, grades 3-4-5, are becoming more independent learners while making the transition from being the "little kids".  The Intermediate grades continue student centered education using learning levels and differentiated instruction based on skill needs. In the "West Wing" students research, create and present projects using our one to one matching of laptops or chrome books! This year, the intermediate grades will experience more hands on science with the addition of Mr. Wilson, our own “Bill Nye, the Science Guy”!  Our faith comes to life as we continue to work on service projects such as making sandwiches for the homeless, collecting cans of food for our food pantry and continuing our daily prayer chain. Intermediate School is the cocoon where our caterpillars from the Lower School change into the butterflies that emerge in the Upper School.