Lower School



The Lower School

At SJL, the Lower School contains grades Kindergarten through 2nd and is located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the original school building.


The Lower School is composed of children in kindergarten, first and second grade and is located on two floors of our original building.  Our school is dedicated to individualized instruction and skill level grouping.  In kindergarten, students are grouped across both classrooms into eight small learning groups with teachers and educational support assistants leading each group.  Monthly family activities add to the learning and promote home and school education.  The use of grouping continues in first and second grade as each level has an additional reading/math tutor, title one services, and instructional technology.   Looping in grades one and you is beneficial and helps keep education continuous. That is children in grades one and two will have the same homeroom teacher for two years.   By doing this the teacher can jump right in at the beginning of each year because they already know the students.