Apply for Admission

Thank you for inquiring about St. James the Less Catholic School.  We are very excited about the opportunity to educate your child.  At St. James we have a Christ-centered faith based approach to education featuring individualized attention from experienced faculty.


  1. Siblings of children already enrolled at St. James the Less Catholic School

  2. Children from St. James the Less Parish currently attending public school.

  3. Participating members of a parish with no school or a closing school.

  4. Participating members of another Catholic Parish.

  5. Non-Catholic

March 6, 2015 - Admissions Application Deadline

Return your application paperwork along with a $60.00 NON REFUNDABLE supply and registration fee per child, a current report card, a copy of tutoring services, or Special Education plans, (if applicable) a copy of your most recent utility bill, birth certificate, current immunization record, baptism certificate (if Catholic), and custody papers, if applicable.

All newly admitted students are accepted on a probationary basis lasting through the end of the first quarter.  At St. James, the faculty and staff will do all they can to help your child adjust to their new school environment, and curriculum.  It is important for both parent and child to work together to achieve the quality of education offered at St. James the Less.