Tuition & Scholarships

A general education is one thing, but one that includes a deep spiritual immersion is another. Sending your child to a Catholic school gives them the opportunity to learn about the holy scriptures from passionate instructors, all the while using these same teachings to give back to their community. At St. James the Less, we’re more than willing to work with any family who wishes to have a Catholic education for their child. Take a look below to read our tuition and scholarship options.

Become a Parishioner

Offering masses in both English and Spanish, St. James the Less Catholic Church believes that everybody is somebody, and that Jesus is all. That’s why all parents who are active and participating members of St. James the Less Parish receive a parish subsidy amount to counteract the difference between the per-student cost and the official tuition rate for each child.* If you wish to become a registered member of our parish, please visit the parish office after Mass, or during business hours, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

*A Participating Catholic Parishioner is defined as one who supports the Parish spiritually, contributes $700.00 annually, and is actively involved in the well being of our Parish and School Community.

Participating Catholic Parishioner Rates

  • 1 Child

    • Church Subsidy: $1,665

    • Yearly Tuition: $3,335

  • 2 Children

    • Church Subsidy: $3,649

    • Yearly Tuition: $6,351

  • 3 Children

    • Church Subsidy: $5954

    • Yearly Tuition: $9,546


Non-Parishioner Tuition Rates

  • 1 Child

    • Yearly Tuition: $5,000

  • 2 Children

    • Yearly Tuition: $10,000

  • 3 Children

    • Yearly Tuition: $15,000


FACTS Grant and Aid

Whether you’re an active member of our parish, belong to another parish in town or simply identify as Non-Catholic, parents in need of additional financial assistance must complete the FACTS Grant and Aid paperwork. Once you enroll your child at St. James the Less indicating need for tuition assistance funds, information will then be sent to parents regarding both the form and the deadline date for completion.

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